FoxycatAlice is a professional belly dancer. She started dancing at the age of 4. She specializes in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Pilates. She has created the unique Peacock Fusion Belly Dance in the world since 2012. The ‘ Foxycat Dance Tribe ‘ was found by Alice in 2010.

The Traditional Chinese Peacock dance was her first performance on the T V Ban Na, China when she was 5 years old. She choreographed her first performance when she was 8 years old. FoxycatAlice jumped in Jazz class in her youth. Then for variety her dance style and knowledge,  she took the Ballet,  Poping,  Belly dance and  Pilates classes.

FoxycatAlice traveled around the world to developed the Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with many Master give details teachers. Moria Chappell, the Belly dance Superstar etc.

She has been invited to perform at Belly dance festivals and dance shows. Alice has traveled to Germany, the USA, Singapore, Japan, China, Vietnam for international Belly dance performance. She has been invited as a member of panel judge in the competition of Belly dance in Vietnam 2013. She was the only dancer who from Hong Kong got a interview of the Vietnam  Thế Giới Văn Hóa Online ‘  and ”Hagalla Das Tribal - Fusion - Belly - Dance Magazin” of Dus, Germany 2013.

FoxycatAlice has  been teaching dance for 13 years. Alice’s group always stand out at recital. She is an amazing teacher who really knows how to get the most out of her students while having a blast. Her student dancers grow and learn much more each year. Alice loves to lead her students travel with her for performance. she is so excited to share her passion and love for dance with others. Her passion repeated for dance with her educational background, bringing a special enthusiasm to her teaching style. She will be teaching kindergartens and primary school in late 2014.

As her major was in fashion design, she loves to design and sew her costumes. She was a make up artists before she decided to be a full time dancer, she was invited for the cosmetics introduction and fashion shows 2001-2005. Now FoxycatAlice also offers the stage make and image design.

‘ Tribal Kong (孔) ‘ is the Only Festival of Tribal Belly Dance in Hong Kong, founded by FoxycatAlice since 2014. Tell something specific this’ Tribal Kong . It is to build up the Tribal Fusion Belly dance Community of Hong Kong and to communicate with the overseas and local teachers and dancers.  FoxcatAlice has invited many Famous dancers both from overseas and Hong Kong to support it. The Master teachers will give a Workshop training during the event.

FoxycatAlice continues learning Odissi dance and investigating

influences on tribal and oriental dance. Also keeps on practicing pilates. She continues to learn particular dance by attending workshops and seminars throughout the year.

FoxycatAlice是一位來自Ban Na 的舞蹈員。她創造了全球獨一無二的孔雀肚皮舞。四歲開始習舞的Alice,5歲時的首次演出-中國傳統孔雀舞蹈,更於電視上播出。更在8歲時編排了自己的第一支獨舞。

少年時期的FoxycatAlice開始學習Jazz。為了增進各種舞蹈風格和知識,隨後她也學習芭蕾舞,機械舞,肚皮舞和普拉提斯運動。由於 FoxycatAlice專注鑽研部落融合風肚皮舞和Pilates。特別是肚皮舞,Alice走遍世界各地與許多大師級的老師作進修,尤其是來自美國的 肚皮舞巨星 - Moria Chappell。Moria的課堂不僅加強訓練FoxycatAlice的舞蹈技巧,Moria的能量更能豐富及飽滿FoxycatAlice的靈 魂。

FoxycatAlice曾應邀到海外及本地作不同類型的舞蹈演出。 她曾前往德國,美國,新加坡,日本,中國和越南作表演,亦曾被邀請作為越南肚皮舞比賽的評判之一。於2013年,FoxycatAlice是香港唯一一位得到了越南 ‘ Thế Giới Văn Hóa Online ‘專訪和德國雜誌 ”Hagalla Das Tribal - Fusion - Belly - Dance Magazin”採訪的舞者。

已 授舞13年的FoxycatAlice,於2010年成立了 “Foxycat Dance Tribe”, 並活躍於各類型演出。“Foxycat Dance Tribe”總是能於表演中脫穎而出,全因為有Alice這位老師。她了解並知道如何突顯每位舞者的優點,使她的學生每年更加進步。Alice喜歡帶著她 的學生到各地表演,並與他人分享她對舞蹈的熱情。Alice的教育熱誠加上其教育背景,為她的教學帶來一種與別不同的風格。Alice將於2014年年底 舉行兒童舞蹈教學,主要教授幼兒園和小學生。

由於 Alice的主修是服裝設計,​​她喜歡自己設計和縫製她的表演服飾。在她決定成為一名全職舞者之前,FoxycatAlice曾是一位大品牌化妝 師,她曾出席及擔任化妝品發佈會和時裝表演及選美活動的化妝師。化妝經驗豐富的Alice現在亦有提供舞台化妝及形象設計課程。

“Tribal Kong(孔)”是香港獨有的國際部落融合風肚皮舞節,由FoxycatAlice創辦。每年Alice都會邀請許多來自海外及香港本地的舞者來參與支 持。在活動期間Alice會邀請星級老師教授培訓工作坊,目標是擴展及宣揚香港的部落融合風肚皮舞,並與海外教師和舞蹈員進行交流。




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